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Bonve Africa Limited was established in 2020 dealing mainly Supply and Installation of Water Pumps, Power Generator sets, Solar Power systems, Water treatment equipments and
associated items.

Our Products & Services

Our Products & Services

What We Do

We specialise in Solar water pumping system

Solar water pumping system consists of four parts: solar panels, solar pumping inverter, three-phase ac pump, and water storage. The solar pumping inverter converts DC power produced by the solar panels to ac power which drives AC pump to pump water from the borehole, river or lake to the storage.

The inverter applies high efficiency MPPT algorithm to maximize the
utilization of the power harvested from the solar panels. It will make the
system to maximize efficiency; highest output of water. The solar pumping
system fulfills concept of low carbon emission, energy conservation,
environmental protection aiming at improving the supply of water in areas of
low insufficient supply.

More function of the solar water pumping system

Accessories will be added in solar pump system to realize more functions. AC input function, high voltage solar charger to charge battery and to save power, ac filter to protect the pump.

System Application

Solar pumping systems can be applied in areas with high solar irradiation and that have no electricity or the electricity supply is insufficient; such as:

Daily water usage

Agricultural irrigation

Forestry irrigation

Desert control

System Features

Reliable solution for agricultural irrigation, daily water supply, desert control in non electrical and water deficient area

Wide application with all kinds of PV modules and 3-phase AC pumps

IP65 water and dust proof for outdoor application

High operation temperatures at 60 degrees Celsius

Excellent performance during cloudy weather with 5% more water output.

Return on investment in less than 2 years

Full automatic unattended operation with perfect protection functions for a lifespan of 25 years

2 year warranty for complete systems and 10 years for PV modules.

Solar Panels

Based on nominal power 25-years transferable power output. 5 years warranty of 95% power output 12 years warranty of 90% power output 18 years warranty of 85% power output 25 years warranty of 80% power output 10 years material and workmanship warranty

Solar Pumping Inverter

AC three-phase solar pump inverter
Output voltage 380V -465V Ac
Power runs from 2.2 kW to 132 Kw

Solar Mounting Structure

Engineered for a long product life and highly fabricated to reduce installation cost Very affordable option for mid -to-large PV installation Easy installation and application in different terrains

AC Pump

Any three-phase AC pumps can be used. In order to keep the high efficiency of the whole system.
Operation conditions
Solid grain or fiber-free dilute clean non-corrosive liquids
Max liquid temperature is +25° C
Ph: 6.5-8.5
Pump motor
Three-phase 50/60Hz, 380V -460V ac
Max warranty is two years

PV combiner box

PV combiner box shall be used for solar pumping system from 2.2kW to 132 kW, in order to reduce connecting cables for easy maintenance and low cost to keep safety and reliability.
The combiner box has the current counter-attack, over current, over voltage function, and lighting protection as well. Customized design possible.
Main parameter

  • Max. input DC voltage: 10005Vdc
  • Max. input current: 10A
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Operating temperature -25+55 C
    8/12/16/24 input available

Water Level Sensor

Mechanically activated device for dry run protection in applications
with solar pump systems.
The switch can be used to detect the water level within a well. When water level in the well dropped below the level of the well probe, the solar pump inverter will stop the pump to protect. It is also used for
overflow protection, once the water in the tank reaches the highest level
which water level sensor set, the solar pump inverter will stop to save
energy and water.

  • Reliable dry run protection
  • Reliable overflow protection

Outlet Filter

The outlet filter connected between solar pump inverter and pump. It is used once the cable between the inverter and pump is too long

  • Effective control of motor reflected voltage, protect motor insulation, prolong the lifespan of pump;
  • Effective suppress the surge voltage on electric cable,
    protect inverter power Module:
  • Filter out PWM control high frequency harmonic, pump
    running more stable, improving system efficiency